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What is racs?

Racs is a simple bash script that stores and manages your accounts. All the accounts are stored in a PGP/GPG conventional encrypted file.
Depending on the account type, Racs is able to launch the appropriate client to log into the remote host. See the README file for more information.


Main dialog menu
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  • pgp2/pgp5/gnupg
  • bash
  • expect
  • dialog [optional]


Racs is able to call the appropriate client (if it was found at configuration time) for connecting to following services:
  • telnet
  • ssh
  • ftp
  • sftp [ thanks to wrestler <wrestler at tiscalinet.it> ]
  • mysql

Moreover Racs recognizes these two account types:
  • rem
    stays for 'reminder'.
    When an account is defined as 'rem', no external program is launched to connect to the remote host. Instead, all the accounts data are wroten to standard output.
  • web
    provides http or ftp site authentication through a web browser.
    When you set a 'web' account, the hostname for this account is the complete URL of the site, username and password are those required for site authentication.


The latest version is 1.2
Source code is available here


Racs is Copyright(C) 2002 Elisa Manara <e at entropika.net>
The code is released under the GPL License version 2.


For problems, bug reports and suggestions, feel free to contact me!

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